Deck Mooring Equipment
Carpenter Wire Rope Stopper - RS Type
Product Code : AE-5000

- Proof Load = 2 X SWL.
- Breaking Load = 5 X SWL.
- Steel Wire Rope – R.H.L. 6 Strand.

- Compact Design Cable Grip for Cable Dia. 14 – 90mm.
- Safe Working Load Factor exceeds that of matching Cable Size.
- Hinged Body has fixed smooth groove on one side;
- Movable Wedge, Grooved with lay of cable, on the facing side.
- Movable Wedge enables cable to be drawn tight.
- Cable can be released while under full tension by releasing latch on Hinged Lid.
- Lid is securely latched with pin while in use.
- Shackle Holes are provided for Rigging Bridle to Stopper.
- Bridles available with stopper if desired.
- Occasional apply grease to ensure a long trouble free life.
- Optional Class approval certificate as request.
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